Fingerprints — Album Credits


Produced By Rod McCormack


A&R:  Scott Paschall

Recorded at the Sound Emporium and the Music Cellar

Engineered by Leslie Richter assisted by Rachel Moore

Additional recording by Rachel Moore & Rod McCormack

Mixed by Rod McCormack at the Music Cellar

Mastered at the Music Cellar by Jeff McCormack


Dave Pomeroy – Upright Bass

Andy Leftwich – Mandolin, Fiddle & Tenor Guitar

Aubrey Haynie — Fiddle & Mandolin

Rob Ickes – Dobro

 Justin Moses — Dobro

Claire Lynch – Backing Vocals on Wherever You Go

Gina Jeffreys — Backing Vocals on Fingerprints

Templeton Thompson – Backing Vocals

Rod McCormack – Guitar, Banjo, Papoose, Vocals & Backing Vocals





(R. McCormack & G. McCormack)


Another Tinsel Town

(R. McCormack, T. Thompson, S Gay)


Covering Your Tracks

(R. McCormack, T. Lunsford, W. Denney)



(R. McCormack, J.S. Sherrill)


Timeless Traveler (instrumental)

(R. McCormack)


It Was Love (featuring Claire Lynch)

(R. McCormack, G. Jeffreys, C. Majeski)


The Ballad of Willie Johnson

(R. McCormack, D. Johnston)


Another Nail

(R. McCormack, T. Lunsford, W. Denney)


It Takes Years

(R. McCormack, R. Bourke, E. Adeline)


Double Rainbow

(R. McCormack, J.S. Sherrill)


Winter Worn

(R. McCormack, J.S. Sherrill)


I’m Still Here

(R. McCormack, F. Koller)


Wherever You Go

(R. McCormack, G. Jeffreys, C. Majeski)


Sweetwater (Instrumental)

(R. McCormack)