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Terry Allen / BIO

Legendary Texan artist Terry Allen straddles the frontiers of country music and visual art; he has worked with everyone from Guy Clark to David Byrne to Lucinda Williams, and his artwork resides in museums worldwide.  Widely celebrated as a masterpiece — arguably the greatest concept album of all time — his spare, haunting 1975 debut LP Juarez is a violent, fractured tale of the chthonic American Southwest and borderlands.


Produced in collaboration with the artist and remaster from the original master tapes, this is the definitive edition: the first to feature the original artwork (including accompanying art prints) and to contextualize the album within Allen's 50-year art practice.  


"Allen's songs extract strangeness from the known world & use it as a means of acquitting greater knowledge." — The New Yorker


"A masterpiece. It stands equal with Dylan's Blood On The Tracks." — Dave Alvin


"The single greatest concept album of all time." — Popmatters


"It will stay with you like a tattoo." — Richard Buckner


"Like Willie Nelson's Red Headed Stranger as reimagined by Tarantino."

— AllMusic


"A vortex of sex & violence." — David Byrne


"Throw Lynch's Blue Velvet & Wild at Heart in a blender with Burrough's Naked Lunch and you're getting warm."

— Houston Press


"I love Terry.  He's a funny son of a bitch." — Guy Clark


"People tell me it's country music, and I ask, 'Which Country?'" — Terry Allen

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