Wild Rabbit Salad

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    Honed and hardened in honkytonks, ice houses, bars and bistros in the bayou city Wild Rabbit Salad has been bringing Americana blues and country-rock to listeners for more than ten years. Their 4th album will be released in 2020.  

    Critics are chiming in: “Pretty  brilliant all around;” “I can listen to this band all day;” “The vocals are INSANE. I love it;” “has a kick to it. . .  makes me want to dance;” “feels like it has a deep hidden meaning, that needs to be uncovered by listening closely;” “a mix of awesome and uniqueness, every song so far I truly love and have become a fan.”

    Fronted by Alabama native Bucky Goldberg and classically trained Marietta Roebuck the band has released three records highlighting their intense, groove-instilled music.  The band has a smooth yet powerful stage show. 

    Bucky was raised on the Southern sounds of Muscle Shoals and rhythm-and-blues belters Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett and Percy Sledge. He jumped off his songwriting journey with the rise of the Beatles and Bob Dylan, Cream and the Yardbirds who guided the shape of not only his songs, but his career.  

    Bucky’s first band, the Drones, was initially chauffeured around the southeast by their parents at age 14 and had a few records under their belt (co-written by Goldberg).They toured Alabama every weekend crisscrossing the countryside with other relatively unknown bands that would later become the iconic groups Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers. Not bad company.

    The songwriters helping shape Goldberg’s current sound include Jake Bugg, Ed Shereen, Bob Dylan and Towns Van Zandt. 

    The lead female singer of Wild Rabbit Salad, and Goldberg’s co-writer, Marietta, was classically trained at the Moore School of Music at the University of Houston after winning an audition-only placement in the music program. She has trained as a vocalist since childhood and possesses an ease and tension in here vocals that is at once angelic and heart breaking.  Her songwriting influences include Paul Williams, Joan Baez, Janis Ian and Joni Mitchell. 

    Bucky and Marietta live, love, perform and write songs together. 

    Bucky and Marietta met at an open mic at the Mucky Duck in Houston where they each performed and immediately hit it off.  Bucky followed Marietta to a second open mic the next night.  Their first date soon followed.  The wrote their first song together soon thereafter and the rest is history. 

    In addition to packing venues around the state, their music has won numerous awards and honors including being chosen for the soundtrack of the motion picture Baker’s Mound which won awards at the Houston International Film Festival.  They’ve been chosen to perform at the Cutting Edge Music Festival and the NewWorks Showcase in New Orleans and private showcases in numerous other festivals.  They’ll be on tour of the Southeast from Texas to Nashville promoting Trouble In Town. 

    Their live band brings together Niagra Falls Hall of Famer Willie Favero on bass, and professional touring drummer Marty Naul. They combine their in-the-pocket riffs and beats to create an ethereal, rhythmic backdrop for the songwriters to use as a canvas for their myriad of songs.

    Their soon-to-be released single “Droptop Cadillac” showcases the songwriting influence of Hank Williams and Towns Van Zandt on strong, visual lyrics that give the melodies a groove that is the distinctive Wild Rabbit Salad sound their fans have come to describe simply as FRESH salad.